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North West Bird Club Tasmania Inc.

Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia

Meeting dates and location.

The Club meets at the Wynyard Showground at 7:30 pm on the following dates

March 2021 12-13-14 Morning Peninsular visit

March 2020 27th 10am Bird sale & Expo

April 2021 no meeting

May 2021 14th 7.30pm meeting Wynyard Showground

June 2021 No meeting

July 2021 No meeting

August 2021 14th  Gunns Plains Zoo lunch  1.30am

September 2021 10th TBC

October 2021 8th 7.30pm meeting TBA

November 2021 27th Stanley show

December 2021 Christmas TBC

January 2022 12th AGM meeting 7.30 Wynyard Showground

February 2022 12th AGM meeting 7.30 Wynyard showground